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Alkebulan identified gaps in the under-developed translation industry during the start of COVID-19 as internet accessibility increased. We founded Alkebulan Hape to address these issues and have remained committed to our mission since.

At Alkebulan, we are committed to delivering language interpretation and translation services that go beyond words and phrases. You can expect us to deliver high-quality solutions for a wide range of industries. We are available by phone or online 24/7 for even the most urgent translation needs.

Quality Assurance

Quality is the name of the game. We take this responsibility very seriously. With each new project that we take on, we realize that we are putting both our reputation and our client’s on the line. With this foremost in our minds, we strive to provide each client with our highest quality language services. Since 1997, we have been working with clients throughout the world to help them get their message across in a seamless manner whatever the language so we know what it takes to get it right.

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